Transportation–What you need to know about shipping scented candles reed diffuser from China by air and ship

About express delivery and transportation .

Please pay attention :

(1)Candles belong to the third category of dangerous goods .

Candle samples can be sent all over the world by DHL express, no need to provide any security certificate.

Other express companies need to do dangerous goods identification certificate before package send out , it will pay extra $150 and 4 working days .

(Dangerous goods certificate  DGM-Identification and Classification Report for Air Transport of Goods)

Bulk goods of candles can be shipped by sea.

(2)Reed Diffuser and essential oils contains liquid oil inside and belong to liquid dangerous goods, it cannot be send out by express delivery .

Bulk goods of Reed Diffuser can be shipped to you by sea.

(3)Glass and ceramics belong to general cargo, and can be transported by air, sea or rail.


Dangerous Goods Shipping Requirements for Bulk Goods—-WARNING

Candle and Reed Diffuser shipments must meet the following 3 conditions.

(1) Use refrigerated container or container placed below the waterline of the ship to ensure that the temperature in the container is constant at 5°C–20°

(2) Keep the container away from heat sources and power sources.

(3) Conditions 1 and 2 should also be guaranteed when the container is stacked in the port and transported by land.


Must use freight forwarding company who can ship dangerous goods.

(1) If you have a freight forwarder in China to serve you, please be sure to confirm with your forwarder, they can send and ship SCENTED CANDLES and REED DIFFUSER.

(The freight forwarding company for dangerous goods is very different from the freight forwarding company for ordinary goods transportation.)

(2) If you are not working with any freight forwarder who can ship scented candles to you , we can provide door to door delivery service.

Delivery charges are quoted independently of the order and charged independently.


Shipping cycle

A ship from Qingdao to Europe normally needs to sail for 70–85 days at sea,

A ship from Qingdao to the west coast of the United States normally needs to sail for 28–35 days at sea,

A ship from Qingdao to Australia normally needs to sail for 20-40 days at sea.

It depends on whether the forwarder is booking a direct route or a slow boat.

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