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Scents Library : Custom Made All Scents Type Of Fragrance ,Essential Oils ,For Scented Candles ,Reed Diffuser ,China Factory ,Cost Price ,QingDao YuanBridge Houseware Co Ltd-VSCOLLECTION-Candles,Scented Candles,Aromatherapy Candles,Soy Candles,Vegan Candles,Jar Candles,Pillar Candles,Candle Gift Sets,Essential Oils,Reed Diffuser,Candle Holder,

How to choose the most commonly used scents type Essential oils in Scented Candles , Reed Diffuser from China factory

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  • All of essential oils are oily and dissolve in waxse of various materials and Diffuser Oils.
  • MOQ 25KG /each type (100% concentration of  natural essential oils)
  • The essential oils distilled from only one material is called “single fragrance essential oils”.
  • “Single fragrance essential oils” can be divided into six styles or more : Woody; Floral; Spicy; Fruity; Herbal; Nature.
  • Recently the most popular fragrance in scented candles is a mixture of two “single fragrance essential oils” to one.
    For example, “Jasmine & Lily”, “Amber & Gin” and so on.
  • You can choose any combination from the following list.
  • Because the composition of the”single fragrance essential oils” is simple, the price of “single fragrance essential oils” and mixture of two”single fragrance essential oils ” are the same.
  • The cost of a single fragrance is lower than that of perfume fragrance.
  • We have all the single fragrance types, as long as you can let we know the name, we can make them directly .
Absinthe Banana Cactus Cipan lotus
Acacia Basil Calendula Citron
After the rain Bay leaf Camellia Citrus
Agarwood Bay leaf Camomile Civet
Aldehyde Bayberry Camphor Cafe
Almond Beaver Camphor tree Clementine Clementine
Aloe Bell orchid Candy Clove
Amber Bell pepper Cannabis Clover
Amber & Ambergris Bellflower Cantaloupe Cocoa Fruit
Amber & Musk Benzoin Caramel Coconut
Amber & Wood Benzoin Caraway Coffee
Amber Musk bergamot Cardamom Cookies
Amber wood Bergamot Cardamom Coriander
Ambergris Berry Carlo Flower Cotton
Ambergris & Amber Betel nut Carnation Cougars
Animal & Amber Birch Carrot Cranberry
Animal incense biscuits Carrot seed Cream
Anise Bitter almonds Cashmere Cucumber
Apple Bitter orange Cashmere Cucumber
Apple tree Black Bean Fragrance Cashmere Cumin
Apricot Black couma Cashmere & Cashmere Cyclamen
Apricot flower Black currant Cattail Cyperus
Aromatic resin Black currant leaves Caviar Cypress
Artemisia indica Black pepper Cedar Cypress & Ebony
Apothecary Black pepper Cedar & Cypress Cypress & Sandalwood
Angel flower Black tea Celosia Christmas house
Aloe vera Blackberries Chamomile Christmas Cookies
Amber & lili Blackcurrant Champagne Cedar& Eucalyptus
Amber & Vetiver Bergamot & musk Cassis & agarwood Clary Sage & Cedarwood & Lavender
Bamboo Cardamom & Clove Cashmere & Pear
Beach & Daisy Cedarwood & saffron D
Blood orange Cherry Daffodil
Blue beans Cherry blossom dark chocolate
Blueberry Chestnut Dried fruit
Boxwood Chocolate Driftwood
Brazilian Rosewood Chrysanthemum Dunja Beans
Breeze Cinnamomum camphora Dahlia
Bergamot & petitgrain Broad bean Cinnamon Daisy
Basil & wild lemon Buds Citronella
Ebony Gantea Hawthorn Labdanum
Ebony Gapon Hay Laurel
Elemi Gapon green grass Hazelnut Lavender
Ephedra Gardenia Heliotrope Leather
Eucalyptus Garlic Herbs Leather & Animal Scent
Eucalyptus & Lime Geranium Hibiscus Leather animal fragrance
F Geranium Hitie Warbler lemon
Fennel Gin Holly Lemon & Citrus
Ferns ginger Honey Lemon & Eucalyptus
Field Floral Ginger Honeysuckle Lemon & Verbena
Fig Ginseng Hundred Flowers Lemon blossom
Fig leaf Gooseberry leaf Huoxiang Leather & Saffron
FIG tree Granulated sugar Hyacinth lemon grass
Fir tree Grape Hydrangea Lemon tree
Flax Grapefruit Honeysuckle Lemongrass
Floral Grapefruit I Licorice
Forest Grapefruit flower Ice cream Light pink rose
Forest & Fruit Grass Incense Lilac
Forest fruits Green apple Iris Lemon Tea & Grapefruit
Fragrant Green apple Ivy & Star Anise Lily
Frangipani Green bamboo Ivy Lily of the valley
Frankincense Green fragrance J Lily of the valley & potpourri
Frankincense Green garden Japanese Yuzu Limes
Frankincense Wood Green grass Jasmine Limoncello
Freesia Green leaf Jasmine & Berries Lin Camphor Leaf
Fresh air Green leaves Juniper Linden tree flowers
Fresh citrus Green Orange Juniper berries Litchi
Fresh ocean Green pine Juniper & Berry & Cedar Longjing Green Tea
Fresh sea breeze Green tea Lotus flower
Fruity Guaiac K Lime & Cedar
Foxglove Gum Rose Kashiwagi Lily & Ginger
Flower market Gin & Cucumber Kashmir wood Linen
Fizz bubbles Gingerbread Kiwi Linen & Cotton
Frangipani & Neroli Blossom Lemon & Bergamot & Myrrh
Macaron Oak Raspberry Tamarind
Mahogany Oak moss Raw pear Tangerine
Male cloves Oat Red apple Tangerine
Mandala Ocean Red berries Tangerinr
Mango Ointment Red currant Tarragon
Manica Oleander Red pepper Tea leaves
Marjoram Ome Red rose Teak
Marshmallow Orange Red tangerine Tender grass
Martini Orange blossom Resin Thorn pepper
Matsuba Orange leaf Rhododendron Thyme
May lily of the valley Orchids Rhubarb Tiare flower
Melon Orris root Rice Timu
Melon and Fruity Osmanthus Rose Tobacco
Mignonette Osmanthus fragrans Rose hips Tobacco flower
Milk Oriental Heron Rosemary Tolu Balsam
Milk mousse Orangeblossom Rouge Tomato
Milky Orient amber Round pomelo Tonka bean
Milwood Oakwood & Ylang Rum Tropical fruit
Mimosa P Raspberry & Grapefruit Tuberose
Mint Palmarosa S Toffee
Mint grass Papaya & Coconut Safflower oil V
Moipai Tree Papyrus Saffron Vanilla
Moss passion fruit Sage Vanilla
Moss & Pollen Paste sweet Salt Verbena
Mugwort Patchouli Sandalwood Verdant & Lin Camphor Leaf
Mulan Pawpaw Sea breeze Vetiver
Mulberry Pea Sea salt Vetiver & Maple
Musk Peach Sea water Violet
Musk & Amber Pear Seaweed Violet leaf
Mustard Pebbles Shea Butter Virginia Pine
Myosotis sylvatica Peony Shimizu Rose Vodka
Myrrh Pepper & berry Sichuan peppercorn
Myrrh Perilla Smoke W
Myrtle Petitgrain Snow lotus Water
Pine Sour leaf Water lily
N Pine cones South ginger Water prism
Nasturtium Pine nuts Spices Watermelon
Nectarine Pine tree Spicy Wheat bran
Neroli oil Pineapple Spicy White camphor wood
Night jasmine Pink pepper Spicy & Cypress White flower
Nutmeg Pink Pepper & Vetiver Spicy ginger White Flower & Jasmine
Nutmeg & Nucleolus Pink Rose Spirits White flower & lily of the valley
Nuts Pistachio Star anise White jasmine
Neroli blossom & Citron Pitaya Stephanotis White lemon
Plant Strawberry White rosin
Y Plant tuber Strawberry & Green Pine White sandalwood
Yaki Cannes Pollen Strelitzia White tea
Yellow sunflower Pollen & Amber Su Hexiang Wild peony
Ylang-Ylang Pollen & Balm Suede Wildflowers
Young leaves Pomegranate Sugar Willow
Ylang Ylang & Patchouli Poppies Sugar cane Wisteria
Powdered flavor Sunflower Wolfberry
Pralines Sweet berries Wood pear
Pumpkin Sweet orange Woody
Pink petal Sweet peas weed
Pear & Freesia Spearmint Wild cherry
Pomegranate & Spiced Woods Sandalwood & Patchouli White tea & Wisteria
Papyrus Papyrus Woods & Jasmine Spiced Woods Whiskey