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Press Machine Made Glass Cups List From China Factory

QingDao YuanBridge Houseware Co., Ltd. has been in business cooperation in the glass custom production chain for more than 10 years in China,  we are very familiar with any link of glass production.
In China, we have cooperated with more than 40 glass production factories in terms of only press machinery to produce glass. Each factory can produce at least 100K pressed glass cup per day, and the output is sufficient to guarantee on-time delivery.

Regarding custom-made pressed glass, the services we can provide are:

1. Design the glass mold diagram.
2. 3D print the sample, and officially make the glass sample.
3. According to the size requirements and quality requirements of different orders, choose different types of pressing machinery, and decide the color, transparency, hardness, surface finish, etc. of the glass from raw materials and technology.
We will offer the best price directly,quickly and efficiently save time and money for customers, .
4. Accept and pass glass-related tests.
5. Delivered on time within 30-60 days.

Knowledge about press glass cups:

(1) Every glass production plant must to rebuild the furnace every 3 years, because after 3 years of erosion of the 2000 ℃ glass solution, the furnace wall has become thinner and thinner, and it is easy to leak, so it must be rebuilt every 3 years, which is a cycle.

The newer the furnace, the more stable the quality of the glass produced, with fewer bubbles and impurities.

(2) The cost of rebuild a glass factory is about $4 million , and it is only good at make a few fixed weights and sizes  in 1-2 types of glass cups or plates .

(3) The maximum diameter of press made glass can be 50cm, and the minimum diameter can be 3cm.

Different factories are good at produce different sizes, different weights, and different colors.

(4) The MOQ of  each size of  pressing machine made  glass cups  is  60K–100K.
Manual pressing made glass cup’s MOQ is  each size 20K.

(5)Even if the quantity of factories seems to be large, the actual selection is not too much , and buyers need to have very professional knowledge and stable orders to maintain cooperation.

For example:

(1) There are 10 factories that are good at produce candle cups with a diameter of 10cm, and the quality is divided into three levels: high, medium and low.

There are only three glass factories that can produce top-grade glass candle jar with a diameter of 10cm.

If one of the factories has a full production plan, the other one ‘s furnace is being rebuilt or the furnace is old and cannot be delivered on time, then there can only be last one factory final choice.

(2) When Walmart wants to purchase large, medium and small 3 medium quality of glass plates and 1 cup to form a set, the order will be produced from at least 2 pressed glass factories, and the MOQ requirement is high, 10K/size is a normal MOQ requirement.

So, if your order quantity cannot meet the MOQ requirement, please just ignore this article, don’t waste time, go straight to select the existing stock. (Stock warehouse –Long-term hold glass jar type list)

If you can already reach the MOQ and want to source more pressed glass.
Please click on the link below to read it, or download the PDF  file directly and view the glassware types of our existing moulds.

Preview PDF file

Download PDF file

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us directly.

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