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Paraffin Wax ‘s “REACH Registration Tonnage Coverage Certificate ” is usually used to prove to customers that our paraffin wax comes from a large oil refinery.

In China, the largest oil refinery is Sinopec .

All the paraffin wax in our factory used are comes from Sinopec, and the tonnage used every year is huge.


  • Qingdao Yuan Bridge Houseware Co., Ltd  Solemnly Declare:

  • Our more than 90% of candle orders are made of natural soy wax, beeswax, coconut wax and vegetable wax that are healthy, environmentally friendly, and ECO friendly .
  • Only when the customer explicitly requests to use paraffin wax , then we will use paraffin wax material.
  • But The recovered paraffin Wax is decolorized by sulfuric acid, and then crystallizes again to form a white wax block after eliminating impurities, which is cheap.
  • Recycled paraffin wax contains sulfuric acid, which corrodes the human respiratory tract, skin tissue, etc., whether in the process of making candles or in the process of burning.
  • This is completely contrary to our company’s philosophy of health, whether our workers, staff, or bosses, all of them will not accept the use of recycled paraffin wax .

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