How to choose the scent concentration of scented candles made of paraffin wax when custom order

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How to choose the scent concentration of scented candles made of paraffin wax when custom order

Common stories:

In order to improve the competitiveness of product prices, some factories will base their first quotation on 1% fragrance concentration. When the customer is not sure how much fragrance concentration to choose, the lower quotation will give the buyer a kind of friendliness . It is illusion.

After 20 days, when you get the sample and find that you are not satisfied with the scent concentration, the game will start. The updated quotation in the later period will be like going up the stairs, and the price will be increase by jumping around.

After wasting a lot of time, you will Choose to give up?

As a candle manufacturer in China, today we answer this question from different wax materials:

The first thing to know is the nature of essential oils:

The essential oils used in scented candles must be oily, not the alcohol-soluble essential oils used in perfumes. The reason is that all wax materials are oily and they can melt together.

Paraffin wax made scented candles:

(1).Candles made of paraffin wax produced in China can incorporate up to 7% concentration of essential oils and reach a saturated state.

After the concentration of essential oil is higher than 7%, you will see that the liquid essential oil cannot be incorporated into the cooled wax block.

Therefore, a fragrance concentration of 1% to 7% is available and not wasted.

(2).Usually, customer like Dollar General, Action, Walmart, etc., similar low-price promotional supermarket will choose 1%~3% fragrance concentration.

If the order quantity is huge, in order to reduce costs, buyers will also choose 1% fragrance concentration .

But no one will use less than 1% .

(In our 9 years of candle production experience, we have indeed seen candle buyers who requested the use of recycled paraffin wax decolorized by sulfuric acid in order to obtain a lower price. This is a fatal mistake.)

(3).The majority of orders from ordinary customers will choose a fragrance concentration of 3% to 5%.

If your brand has higher requirements on the concentration of fragrance, but you want to save costs, you can choose a fragrance of 3%-5% concentration to match the candle made of paraffin wax. Although paraffin wax is not a natural wax, the fragrance is not bad, and  burn time is also relatively long.

(4).Of course, some customers will add 5% to 7% of paraffin wax. Most of them are from the Middle East. They need some very strong fragrance type with a high concentration of fragrance.


1.Paraffin wax made scented candles:

Large quantity order (more than 60K), for promotion, 1%-3% fragrance concentration can be selected.

Normal quantity (3K-30K), there are requirements for the fragrance of candles, the fragrance concentration of 3%-5% is good choice.

What kind of customer are you?

If you still have questions, please contact me at any time.